Feed-in Management

An important part of network control is the feed-in management. The ability to switch individual energy producers on and off based on thresholds prevents overload. It guarantees a constant supply even in extreme conditions, e. g. strong winds. With its flexible interfaces and supported protocols the Smart Telecontrol Unit MGC supports the communication with all consumers and producers.

Storage management

A constant energy supply can be achieved by buffering surplus energy locally in order to access it during energy shortages. Energy buffers can be e. g. batteries of parked cars or pump storages, which are controlled by the Smart Telecontrol Unit MGC.

Charging control

The charging of electrical vehicles is one of the new tasks to be integrated into supply networks. When charging, a network component has to take into account network capacities, surplus and shortages, as well as the customer wish for time and cost optimization. The Smart Telecontrol Unit MGC can incorporate intelligent algorithms in order to meet these needs.