2014 Start-up of intelligent network solutions in the model regions of the RWE Smart Operator. Developement of new solutions for the operation of virtual power plants and the hierarchical energy management.
2013 Enhancements for Smart Telecontrol Unit as a communication solution for Micro Grids and virtual power plants.
2012 Cooperation with RWE Deutschland for the "Smart Operator" project and realization of extensive security solutions for energy providers with PSIsecure.
2011 The new Smart Telecontrol Unit has been presented at CIRED 2011 in Frankfurt for the first time. Successful recertification of the QM system according to ISO 9001:2008.
2010 The company´s name is changed to PSI Nentec GmbH. Along with this PSI Nentec gets a new company logo and a modern Web site.
2009 The Telecontrol Gateways get the GOST-R certificate which is necessary for the export to Russia to confirm the product conformity with Russian standards.
2008 Additional security features are added to the Telecontrol Gateway product family. The CommBox3 with UMTS and TETRA connection is installed in customer projects for the first time.
2007 A new NENTEC branch is located in Berlin. New software releases for NITRO-Switch and Telecontrol Gateway improve verifier and VPN security features.
2006 NENTEC delivers the new product line Telecontrol Gateway 3G and the CommBox2.
2005 NENTEC moves into its new modern business premises in the industrial area 'Rossweid' in Karlsruhe.
2004 NENTEC delivers the first devices of the Telecontrol Gateway XS series.
2003 NENTEC delivers the new Telecontrol Gateway line 'NG'. The new product families 'CommBox' and 'NITRO-Switch' are used in pilot installations.
2000 NENTEC is ISO9000 certified for the first time.
1999 NENTEC is integrated as subsidiary into the enterprise group of the PSI AG. The first Telecontrol Gateways are delivered to the PSI division 'electric energy management'.
1996 The NENTEC Netzwerk-Technologie GmbH is founded as a spin-off of the Conware Netzpartner GmbH in Karlsruhe/Germany.