Start-up of Smart Operator Project

+++ Smart Telecontrol Unit supports LTE mobile radio standard +++

June 2015 – From now on, the Smart Telecontrol Unit (STU) is availble with LTE module. With this module the STU offers a cost-saving alternative to leased line connections for process interfacing. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and a broadband supply with low latencies. In comparison with other mobile radio standards LTE has significantly lower response times for data transmission.

+++ CIRED 2015: Hierarchical network management for low voltage networks +++

June 2015 – PSI Nentec together with the PSI AG present their concept of hierarchical network managment for low voltage networks at the CIRED in Lyon, France, from June 15th to 18th, 2015. With more and more producers in the middle and low voltage network, this concept guarantees a reliable power supply and minimal network investments. Meet us at our stand F3 in the Convention Center.

+++ New VPP Pool Controller presented at E-world trade show +++

February 2015 – At the E-world trade show in Essen, Germany, the new VPP Pool Controller has been presented. In virtual power plants this pool controller takes over the important functionality to control and monitor heterogenous energy system which are combined to so-called pools. PSI Nentec demonstrated in its trade show presentation the interaction of the components VPP Pool Controller and Smart Telecontrol Unit with the optimazation function of the PSIvpp control system.

+++ Start-up of field test smart grid in the community of Kisselbach +++

September 2014 – During the energy awareness week in Rheinland-Pfalz, the Smart Operator has been launched in the community of Kisselbach. The integration within the power grid sets-up a field test with more than 130 households connected to the Smart Operator. The main focus of this smart grid is to optimize the balance between the energy production and consumption by controlling single grid components.

+++ Official start-up of first smart grid by Lechwerke +++

July 2014 – The Lechwerke (LEW) and RWE Deutschland celebrated the official start-up of the first smart grid in Wertachau near Augsburg, Germany. The installation combines smart meters, white goods and network components to one smart grid. Core piece of this network is the Smart Operator developed by PSI Nentec. Read press release...

+++ STU MGC-L and STU-Box for intelligent energy management demonstrated at Powertage+++

June 2014 – At the Powertagen in Zurich, Switzerland, the Smart Telecontrol Unit Box (STU-Box) was demonstrated in an example scenario. As a complete solution the STU-Box controls the energy management of industrial plants and large-scale operations on micro grid level. Together with the STU MGC-L offering integrated I/O interfaces, the STU-Box consequently extends the range of PSI communication solutions for intelligent networks.

+++ STU VPP-Box for Virtual Power Plants Presents at E-world 2014 +++

Feburary 2014 – At the E-world in Essen, Germany, PSI Nentec together with PSI Energy Markets presented PSIvpp – a complete solution for virtual power plants (VPP). The demonstration included the STU VPP-Box for the connection of local producers and controllable consumers interacting with the VPP control system.

+++ Smart Operator project awarded with KUMAS environmental prize +++

December 2013 – For the 15 th time the development association KUMAS – Kompetenzzentrum Umwelt e. V. awarded the KUMAS environmental prize to key projects. One of the projects prized as "Official Key Project 2013" is the Smart Operator project of the Lechwerke AG (LEW). A core piece of this project is the Smart Telecontrol Unit. Read press release (German)...

+++ PSI Nentec Presents Ready for Operation Smart Grid Component +++

October 2013 – The European Utility Week in Amsterdam offered the possibility to get informed about the newest PSI solutions. Thereby the demonstrated application scenarios of the Smart Telecontrol Unit (STU) in intelligent grids have been of particular interest.

+++ RWE Starts Smart Operator Project +++

August 2012 – In partnership with industry and research, the RWE Deutschland Group realizes the "Smart Operator" project with the Smart Telecontrol Unit as a core piece of the project. Read press release...

+++ International Experts Show Great Interest in Smart Grid Solutions +++

August 2012 – At the cigré 2012 in Paris the Smart Telecontrol Unit (STU) was shown in operation with the PSIcontrol system. In addition the new security package PSIsecure has been presented. This offers security features perfectly adapted to the needs of the network control industry.

+++ PSI Nentec Presents Smart Telecontrol Unit at the Powertage +++

June 2012 – With 152 exhibitors and over 2000 experts and participants from politics, economics, industry, and municipalities, the Powertage in Zurich are the meeting place of the Swiss electricity industry. In this context, PSI Nentec presented its Smart Telecontrol Unit (STU) to the experts and recognized a great interest on smart grid solutions 'Made in Germany'.