Reliable telecontrol technology

High available systems through powerful network components and
intelligent software for security and automatic installation


Complete communication solution with modular setup for the connection of small producers to virtual power plants.

» Smart Telecontrol Unit VPP-Box

Telecontrol Gateway

Reliable product family for the flexible and secure process interfacing of remote terminal units to the control center in the area of energy management.

CPS Power Supply

Central dual power supply for Telecontrol Gateways with low voltage input for the redundant power supply of a complete device stack.



Widespread portfolio of well-known security products with features exactly adapted to the needs of control systems.

» PSIsecure


Secure and efficient installation and update of a large number of devices from the product families Telecontrol Gateway and Smart Telecontrol Unit.

» PSIsiu

Telecontrol Gateway VM

Due to its virtualisation technology up to 1024 IEC 60870-5-104 telecontrol channels can be connected via one device to the control system.

IEC-104 Security Proxy

The IEC-104 Security Proxy provides a secure and reasonbly priced alternative to safeguarding connetions of telecontrol systems by using the protocol IEC-60870-5-104.

IEC104 Gateway

For the connection of IEC 60870-5-101 based remote terminal units in estabilshed installations to modern TCP/IP based control systems via 60870-5-104 protocol.