Smart Telecontrol Unit VPP-Box

Bundling of decentralised producers in virtual power plants

The compact Smart Telecontrol Unit VPP-Box (STU VPP-Box) offers a complete communication solution to build-up virtual power plants (VPP).

With its modular concept the STU VPP-Box allows a flexible remote connection of controllable producers (photovoltaic, biogas, hydraulic power, CHP) and consumers to a superior VPP control system via fixed network or mobile communication network. Therefore a GPRS/UMTS modem is integrated within the STU. In addition the STU offers a GPS receiver and a Wifi module. 

An integrated Soft SPS interface according to IEC 61131 allows an additional controlling and monitoring of VPP systems.

Intelligent and reloadable applications (Smart Apps) stand for a local process optimazation on VPP system or Micro Grid level. This includes short-term optimazation and a fast reaction to alarm messages.

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Local control and monitoring of flexible producers and consumers

Connection of energy systems to control systems for virtual power plants

Secure and redundant connection to transmission network operator for the supply of controlling power range

Demand Side Management Controller