Telecontrol Gateway 3G Product Family

Secure process interfacing for up to 24 remote terminal units

Telecontrol Gateway 3G

The different Telecontrol Gateway 3G models optimally fit into the different application scenarios. For installations with only two telecontrol lines the Smart Telecontrol Unit TCG offers a suitable solution.


Model Telecontrol LAN RS-232 USB
TCG 3G-8 8 (+ 16*) 4 1 2
TCG 3G-4 4 2 1 2
TCG 3G-SU 8 1 1
TCG 3G-TIG 4 1 1

* The TCG 3G-8 can be extended to 24 telecontrol interfaces by connecting two TCG 3G-SU devices.


Datasheets (Pdf)


Controlling of telecontrol lines, data preprocessing and protocol conversion to unburden the control system


Process linking for control systems PSIcontrol and PSItraffic