Telecontrol Gateway XS-Master

Secure process interfacing of up to 64 remote terminal units


Telecontrol Gateway XS-Master

The Telcontrol Gateway XS-Master (TCG XS-MU) is designed for the connection of up to 64 telecontrol lines. Therefore it is installed as a stack together with up to 8 Telecontrol Gateway 3G-SU. The central power supply unit CPS Power Supply handles the power supply for a complete stack.


Model Telecontrol LAN RS-232 USB
TCG XS-MU 10* 1 2
TCG 3G-SU 8 1 1

* 8 LAN interfaces for the connection of TCG 3G-SUs



Controlling of telecontrol lines,
data preprocessing to unburden the control system


Process linking for the control system PSIcontrol and PSItraffic